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R&D Management Conference: 3 - 6 July 2016

From Science to Society: Innovation and Value Creation

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Workshops, Tutorials and Seminars


In addition to paper sessions, the conference included a series of workshops, tutorials, seminars and other interactive sessions, covering a range of topics relevant to R&D management.   The conference and workshop programme is available here

Monday 4 July

WS016 - Exploiting global R&D location data

WS017- STIM Industry Panel - R&D Management in Practice

Tuesday 5 July

WS005 - Valuation masterclass

Wednesday 6 July

WS001 - Approaches and Measures of Effectiveness of Government Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs) in National Innovation Systems

WS002 - Convergence Technologies R&D review and outlook

WS003 - Creating impactful management tools and processes from research

WS004 - Cross-organizational innovation: Implications for collaborative R&D  strategies

WS010 - How successful collaboration can promote innovation and add value

WS007 - Patent Intelligence: strategic insights and competitive analysis

WS014 - Practices for embedding roadmapping in organisations

WS013 - Quantifying strategic products

WS011 - Scenario-based strategic planning

WS009 - Social knowledge management

WS006 - Sustainable value roadmapping

WS008 - State versus Private Innovation - broaden horizons, deepen understandings

WS015 - Technology management activities and tools

WS012 - Turning Invention into Innovation:Strategies for Scientist-Entrepreneurs and Universities    

WS018 - Visual methods


To pre-register your interest in particular workshops please visit here and complete the online form.







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