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R&D Management Conference: 3 - 6 July 2016

From Science to Society: Innovation and Value Creation

Studying at Cambridge

STIM Industry Panel - R&D Management in Practice

Rob Phaal

STIM Industry Panel - R&D Management in Practice

Rob Phaal, University of Cambridge

This session provides an opportunity to engage with senior managers from leading companies, to discuss current R&D management challenges and to explore practical solutions for addressing these. Panel members will represent a range of sectors, all involved in the Strategic Technology & Innovation Management (STIM) consortium, a practice-oriented research and networking collaboration between industrial member companies and the Cambridge Centre for Technology Management (

The aim of this session is to share knowledge and experience of R&D management challenges facing industry and practical methods for addressing these, together with an appreciation of how academic research can contribute to R&D management in practice. Introductions will be followed by a short overview from each panelist of their business and key current R&D management challenges that they face. Panelists will have an opportunity to respond, highlighting practical approaches they have found to be useful for addressing the challenges raised. The audience will then have an opportunity to respond with comments and questions to the panel, including both industrial and academic contributions.

Panel Members will include:

Dr Bekir Özyurt, Senior Manager, R&D - Technology Networking, BEKO PLC R&D Centre

Dr Jon Salkeid, Technology Director, BP

Mike Bean, Global R&D Collaborations Portfolio Manager, Syngenta

Dr Simon McCaldin, European Funding Coordinator, Joining Technologies Group (JNG), TWI Ltd (UK)


STIM Consortium members




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