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R&D Management Conference: 3 - 6 July 2016

From Science to Society: Innovation and Value Creation

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Quantifying Strategic Products

Quantifying strategic products 

Graham Pink Duncan Shand

Graham Pink, CEO,
Professor Duncan Shand,
Warwick Business School


 There is that problem product that you are implementing and supporting. The team can’t understand why because there is no clear revenue or business and the customer keeps asking for lots of feature changes. What your product management team keep telling you is that it is a “strategic product”. There must be good business reasons for this strategic choice, but we can’t see it by using our techniques and looking at our tools.  So what do we need to help include the product management expertise into our tools so we can see the value of this strategic product to our overall portfolio. 

This goal of this session is to show how we can build portfolios of products based on expert knowledge and organisational data models.  

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