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R&D Management Conference: 3 - 6 July 2016

From Science to Society: Innovation and Value Creation

Studying at Cambridge

Practices for embedding roadmapping in organisations

Practices for embedding roadmapping in organisations


Clare Farrukh 
Institute for Manufacturing, 
Cambridge, UK                               
Sven Schimpf
Fraunhofer IAO, Germany       

Roadmapping is an effective method for supporting strategy and innovation, but firms often struggle to sustain and embed the process. This session aims to explore these challenges, with discussion primed by two short presentations.

The outline agenda is:

  • Introductions to workshop, participants and related STIM project; early outputs from the development of a lifecycle/maturity model for roadmapping practice -Clare Farrukh (University of Cambridge)
  • Results of a recent survey on the overall integration and usage of roadmapping and support software in industrial companies in Germany - Sven Schimpf (Fraunhofer Institute) 
  • Plenary discussion & post-it session to reflect upon the presentations and the challenges of embedding roadmapping.

This workshop is linked to a project on 'embedding roadmapping' in the STIM consortium programme (, aligned with a broader research effort investigating how best to promote successful ongoing roadmapping. Project activities include building a repository of examples and guidance by means of ongoing interaction with a wide range of companies interested in roadmapping, proactive links with established roadmapping organisations, applied research and a programme of open seminars.


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