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R&D Management Conference: 3 - 6 July 2016

From Science to Society: Innovation and Value Creation

Studying at Cambridge

Innovation management in collaborative partnerships



Dr Shlomo Y Tarba
University of Birmingham
Birmingham Business School       


Dr Florian Bauer
Department of Management & Law
MCI Management Center Innsbruck  

Innovation management in collaborative partnerships

The frequency and scale of collaborative partnerships have significantly increased during the past two decades in spite of their high failure rates.  Innovation in many cases necessitates cross-fertilization of R&D activities of several firms in form of collaborative partnerships between firms that are the base for developing or improving products. As loose forms of cooperation do not allow for tight control and the exploitation of the partners resources, many firms strive for equity based cooperation’s like joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions. Equity based collaborations allow firms access to formerly external knowledge bases and complementary resources which is a quicker way to innovation than internal development.