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R&D Management Conference: 3 - 6 July 2016

From Science to Society: Innovation and Value Creation

Studying at Cambridge

Session Descriptions

Value co-creation and open innovation: to what extent are the converging paradigms?

Innovation management, customers and value co-creation processes

Open strategy beyond innovative firms

R&D management for open innovation

Open innovation for R&D and Grand Challenges

Organizing and coordinating multi-party collaborative innovation

Innovation management in collaborative partnerships

Intellectual property management in innovation networks

Business model innovation

Developing sustainable open business models, but how?

Business model evolution and growth of start-up firms

3D printing: creating and capturing value in the new industrial age

Opportunities and challenges for re-distributed manufacturing

From bench to bedside: innovation and personalised medicine

Startup Support Programmes - harnessing the differences to build ecosystems

Organisational bottlenecks and barriers to innovation: insights for new innovation policy instruments

Emerging technologies and industries in developing countries: catching-up in the new ways or creating new pathways?

Building innovation capabilities in emerging economies: firms, states and institutions

Regional innovation systems and impact of enterprise development, clusters and networks

The missing middle? Roles of intermediate institutions in industrial innovation

Sustainability-oriented innovation: developing products, product-service systems and business models

Designing intangible product attributes

Social innovation

Management of R&D for creating Frugal Innovations

Implementation of Roadmapping and other Strategy Approaches

Front-end of Innovation – Practical Approaches

Technology Intelligence for Open SMEs

Research and Technology Management for Sustainable infrastructure

Changes of Technology Borders: Understanding, Measurement and Interpretation of Convergence and Divergence

Technological convergence – implications for innovation systems and policy

Managing the uncertainties of emerging technology scale-up and industrialisation: overcoming challenges on the 'pathway to manufacturing'

Management of disruptive R&D

Developing R&D capabilities for the future: dealing with dynamics and uncertainties

University– Industry Research Translation: Bridging the Cultural Divide

Value Creation from University-Industry Collaborations

University-industry collaborations: the commercialization of academic knowledge

Managing university-industry innovation networks

University-industry partnerships for large-scale, complex and critical research and innovation endeavours

Science commercialization

Patent and trademark intelligence – Getting technology and competitive intelligence from patents and trademark databases

Innovation ecosystems: from metaphors to real understanding and practical tool-kits