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R&D Management Conference: 3 - 6 July 2016

From Science to Society: Innovation and Value Creation

Studying at Cambridge


Keynote Presentations

Please see the links below for presentation slides from the conference keynote speakers:

         Warren East

  • David Teece - Tusher Professor of Global Business, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

        David Teece

  • Joe de Sousa - UK/US Product Development Science & Technology Lead, AstraZeneca

        Joe de Sousa

  • Mark Samuels - Mark Samuels, Managing Director, NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI), and Policy Fellow, Centre for Science and Policy

       Mark Samuels


See here for the Conference Videos:

4th July 2016
Day 1

5th July 2016Day 2